CREATE Education

The CREATE Education Project has a simple aim - we want to help to bring the cutting-edge technologies used in many industries across the world, into education. The starting point for this, is with 3D print.

Globally day to day interactions are all now required to be customisable and tailorable. From shoes to sandwiches every person is empowered by being able to have things just as they want them. CREATE wishes for education to be the same.

To do this, the company provides the technology, training and consumables in combination with free resources and platforms to empower teachers; allowing them to create their own style of teaching and enabling students by giving them a skill set that will form part of many 21st century careers.

This vision is achieved through the CREATE Education community; a wide network of forward-thinking industry partners and CREATE Education hubs and ambassadors that through their day to day interactions showcase the amazing value that 3D printing has to offer.

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