A fantastic blog and video resource to support the understanding of the Datacenter Industry. Thanks to Scott Roots for sharing: What is a Datacenter
20 Nov, 2019
Nominations for members to join the Naace Board of Management are now live, further information can be found here
19 Nov, 2019
Naace will be represented by its members and schools at all of the BESA LearnEd roadshows throughout 2019/20. Registration is free and we'd love to see as many of you there as possible. Check out all the dates here
21 Oct, 2019

We are calling on a wide range of schools and colleges to participate in the EdTech Innovation Testbed, in partnership with Nesta. Announced as part of the DfE's Education Technology Strategy, this programme will help schools and colleges trial promising technology suited to their needs for free, with CPD for participants and hands-on support from evaluation experts to understand what works across the following areas:

· Formative assessment and essay marking
· Timetabling
· Parental engagement

This is an excellent opportunity to trial technology that could work for schools and colleges for free and to help build the evidence base for what works, helping you and other institutions across England make the right decisions when it comes to technology. Applications will open on the 11 October 2019 and the application process can be found at The closing date for applications is on the 25 November 2019.

13 Oct, 2019

Education Technology (EdTech) has the potential to reduce workload, help generate cost savings, increase accessibility and improve learner outcomes. Whilst some school and colleges have seen these benefits, others tell us they’d like greater support to help consider the place for technology in their context.

The DfE is providing an exciting opportunity for schools and colleges who are using technology effectively to apply to become technology Demonstrators and to share their experience and help support other providers. This may include, for example, offering support and guidance on the effective use of technology to help reduce teacher workload, help create efficiencies, improve accessibility, and ultimately support excellent teaching and learning. Publicly funded schools and providers of 16-19 study programmes who meet the required inspection and performance criteria will be eligible to apply.

The successful Demonstrators will receive between £75,000 and £150,000 in grant funding to support the delivery of this programme. Applications from consortiums of schools or colleges are welcome, but the lead bidder must satisfy the minimum criteria as set out in the Expression of Interest.

For further detail and information on how to apply, and which schools and providers of 16-19 study programmes are eligible, please visit . Applications for the Demonstrator selection exercise will run from 11th October to 22nd November.

The DfE will host two Skype Q&A sessions on 6th November and 7th November to answer any questions your network may have (please click on the dates to register) but if you have any questions in the meantime please contact the DfE team at

13 Oct, 2019
The ICT Mark has now become NaaceMark and we are commencing training for accredited NaaceMark assessors. Naace also has a new logo and this will be incorporated into a full re-branding.
14 May, 2019